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GAPs pet loss specialists are ready to meet with individual clients online, by phone, or onsite if you live in the Akron/Canton area. (The onsite place is at the Family Care Counseling Center 1303 W. Maple St. N. Canton, OH).

Brenda and Chanda are comfortable talking about grief with pet parents who have a beloved furbaby nearing the end of life or who have already died.

We know pets are family and the love we feel is deep. At GAPs sessions, we focus on your pet relationship and the toughest challenges you are facing now. We talk about all the grief symptoms you are dealing with and give you coping suggestions on how to manage grief and survive this huge loss in your life.

Email or call GAPs phone:

330-415-8879 to schedule a session. 

Fees need to be paid 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Cancelations within 24 hours are not refundable.

Individual Grief Support Sessions

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