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posted 12/30/21  4:07 p.m.

Romeo was my heart dog. He came from a litter of 9 that we had. Originally we called him "Big Boy", but soon changed his name to "Romeo" as we quickly realized that he was a "love bug" in every sense of the word. He quickly attached himself to me and literally became my shadow. In the summer, when it was time to mow the lawn, Romeo wanted me to play with him by throwing his tennis ball. If he felt I wasn't paying enough attention to him, he would walk up to me as I was mowing and drop his tennis ball onto the mower deck. As you can see in the picture, he loved going "bye-bye" in the car. He wasn't happy unless the window was rolled down so he could hang his big head out the window. And true to his name, everyone loved Romeo. For example, if we took one of our other dogs to the vet and he wasn't with us, the first question the staff would ask us was, "Where is Romeo?" I lost him quite unexpectedly at the age of 10 in February 2019. Although he is physically gone, he is with me every day in my heart. At night, his urn sits on the nightstand, next to my bed, as he slept with me every night. During the day, his urn sits on the mantle above the fireplace, so he can keep an eye on us. 

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