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"I contacted Brenda Brown at Grief About Pets after losing three of my dogs in a short time. Brenda was very

 helpful in the process of learning to deal with losses. She is a kind and compassionate person, who truly cares 

about helping people. It is comforting to have someone to share with and know they will listen and understand."

 - Mary, GAPS client


Let GAPs help you cope with pet loss grief!

Pets leave a huge gap in our hearts when they die. Often it is difficult to find people who truly understand the depth of our pain. 
GAPs (Grief About Pets) helps before and after our pets go over the rainbow bridge to heaven.
We have two trained grief professionals: Brenda Brown, MA, FT, and Chanda Joy, Certified Pet Loss Specialist  (See About page.)

GAPs offers these services:​

Individual support sessions for adults, teens & children ​ 

( $65.00 per hour - online, by phone, or on-site at Family Care Counseling office in N. Canton, OH)

Couples and family support sessions

( $85.00 per hour - online, by phone, or on-site at Family Care Counseling office in N. Canton, OH)

  FREE pet loss           support group

The fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. is a Google Meet group sponsored by Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services. Join us and know you are not alone!

GAPs (Grief About Pets) gift card

Sending a GAP gift card to your grieving family/friend is a great idea and help.

A one hour session will be scheduled with an expert grief specialist at your loved ones convenience.  or call 330-415-8879.


To sign up for a service, click the contact us button below.

Disclaimer statement: GAPs-Grief About Pets, LLC, is a grief support business not a counseling business. Brenda Brown, MA, FT, is qualified to give compassionate care and grief support to all persons requesting her service. However, any client needing additional mental health care will be referred to licensed counselor colleagues. GAPs’ grief support service is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychological assistance and is not meant to be a substitute for in-person counseling or treatment for suicidal ideation or severe psychiatric problems. GAPs grief support counselors do not practice as professional doctors, nurses, psychologists, or psychiatrists in their role as GAPs’ specialists. The counseling offered is non-professional grief support.

Check out these great pet websites.

Faithful Companion is the sponsor of our month FREE pet loss support group.  Many of our pet parents love them!
APLB site is an excellent resource for hurting pet parents. Check them out!
Check out this super pet loss resouces website too!
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